The Brief

AFEX is a global payment and risk management services company with multi-national office locations. The company was seeking outsourced local marketing support for its Jersey operation on an on-going basis as an efficient and cost effective alternative to employing marketing staff.

The Solution

Working closely with the company’s London based marketing team, we spent some initial time analysing AFEX’s current marketing activity and developing a comprehensive understanding of the company’s activities, philosophy, values, USPs and target markets. We then drafted a 12-month fully budgeted marketing plan including measurable objectives to develop AFEX’s brand profile and promote its services locally. Specific activities have included organising and managing corporate events, distribution of media releases and distribution of newsletters to the local target audience. To ensure that we keep as up-to-date with company activities as possible and to facilitate integration with the AFEX team, one of our staff is based in the AFEX office a half day each fortnight.

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